7 Trade Show Marketing Basics

Trade Show

One of the services RJC offers to clients is trade show marketing. We help them with strategy in selecting relevant shows and booth space, booth design, communication plans and tactics to attract customers or prospects to the booth. Trade shows are a great marketing tool to reach your target audience on a personal, face-to-face level. Here are seven trade show basics to help make all your trade shows successful:

  1. Define a set of objectives. These goals will help you determine your strategies for your booth. Some typical trade show goals include:
    • Build brand awareness. If you’re a new company, this a great goal to introduce your company and communicate who you are and that you are a new player in the market. If your company has been around for a while, you can aim to enhance your company’s brand and image.
    • Increase sales, recruit dealers or distributors or enter a new market.
    • Introduce new products or services.
    • Generate leads.
    • Nurture and build current client relationships.
    • Network with the industry and colleagues.
    • Conduct industry research.
  1. Send out e-blasts before the trade shows to get people interested in coming to your booth. If they know your company will be at the show before they get there, they will be inclined to stop by your exhibit.
    • If you don’t have an email list, or your contact list isn’t very long, work on building up contacts. This can be done electronically and at the trade show.
    • Set up an email newsletter signup list on your website to get people to opt into getting emails from your company.
    • Ask for email addresses after customers purchase from you.
    • At the trade show, have an email sign up list as well to continue collecting contacts. A raffle is a good way to collect new client info as well, as long as the product being raffled is compelling enough to get people to sign up.

  1. Be consistent with your marketing. Creating a brand is about reinforcing who you are and what you do in a wide variety of marketing materials. Contradicting your current brand is confusing for your audience. Make sure that your messaging, logo and colors are consistent in all of your marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, trinkets, and especially your booth.

  1. Engage your audience with more than just trinkets. For example, have a quiz for them to take with a chance to win something while learning about your company or industry. Or put together demonstrations so people can see your product in action. Both of these options are ways for you to collect contact information from current or potential clients.

  1. Utilize apps and smartphones to collect client information and get audiences to interact with you even after the trade show. One example of these kinds of apps is QuickTapSurvey, which allows you to securely collect client information in a survey format without needing Internet access.

  1. Further engage the audience via social media. Utilize Twitter by live tweeting during the entire show, especially if you will be doing a demonstration at your booth. Also use Instagram to share photos of the show, or have patrons take pictures at your booth and put them up on their own Instagram. Finally, feature your Twitter and Instagram handles at your booth to encourage patrons to follow you on each of these sites.

  1. Post blogs to your website about the days at the trade show. You can post these blogs as the trade show is going on to get more people to stop at your booth the remaining days, and post more blogs after the trade show to continue to get your audience to go to your website. Discuss how the trade show went and the various things your company did while there.

If you’re interested in more ways to engage visitors at trade shows, contact us!