Our Process

If you want to work smart, you have to be systematic – not just to save time, but also, to save money. This can be kinda tricky when working on a big idea because being creative doesn’t usually happen systematically. Although no two projects are ever the same, we’ve figured out in our 25 years that most follow a critical path to get from start to finish.

Following our process, we’re able to keep projects running smoothly – and that includes staying on time and on budget.

The main phases of our process are:

1 project initiation

This is where we get all our ducks in a row. We put together a schedule, budget and timeline as we craft a creative brief to identify key project objectives. We’ve found that getting organized right out of the gate saves a lot of time later. At the end of this phase, we launch the job with our team, and we’re off and running.

2 creative development

Without the creative development stage, an idea would remain just an idea. To bring those ideas to life, our process dictates that we dig into all the nitty-gritty details to develop a plan of attack. Usually we start this phase with a little (or a whole lot) of research. This guides us as we develop a strategy, put together the right words and visuals, and refine concepts. Our team works closely with your team during this time to make sure we’re hitting the mark. There’s lots of circling back and double checking to ensure our plan solves the issues stated in the creative brief. When this phase reaches its conclusion, we’re ready to make the magic happen.

3 production

This is where things get real. Literally. Our writers morph general ideas into fully fleshed-out copy. Designers take their words and craft them into meaningful visuals. Cameras roll and capture footage. Coders roll up their sleeves and breathe life into web pages. Voiceovers are read and recorded. Models pose, photos are captured, printed materials fly off of the presses. Whatever a project calls for, we coordinate our talented team and partners to turn concepts into reality.

4 delivery

One of the most rewarding moments in a project is the day we deliver it to you because we know that projects aren’t just projects. They solve problems and give you more in your marketing arsenal. They communicate what you do and who you are to your audience. They bring together your team. They make your life easier.

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Need Direction?

Take control of your marketing with our exclusive MA2P process!

A MA2P is our customized, affordable, forward thinking, Marketing Assessment and Action Plan for growth-minded businesses. MA2Ps are great for start-ups as well as established businesses.

Our MA2P takes you through a 7-step process where we analyze your business, its customers, the competition, and the market to make an assessment of your brand and provide positioning recommendations.

After the assessment phase, we work with you to create an effective action plan with a pre-approved budget and appropriate tactics.

With a MA2P you can:

  • Market your business more effectively
  • Validate or clarify your brand
  • Differentiate your business from the competition
  • Have more time to focus on what you do best and less time working on marketing your business
  • Gain more knowledge about your business, customers and competition

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