Amy Barnes

Graphic Designer

Amy Barnes

Amy is quite the Renaissance woman. As an Eastern Michigan University grad, she has a Bachelors of Fine Arts, a minor in Marketing and an overall 14-year career focused on graphics and photography. A few years ago, she realized that living abroad in Germany would greatly enrich her life from a cultural standpoint. Knowing Amy, by the time she returns, she’ll have mastered the culinary art of the schnitzel.

Top that off with the fact that she has three kids: two 5-and-a-half-year-old fraternal twins and 16-month-year-old baby. In the whirlwind of being a mom to three kids, she’s also worked for various magazines and packaging and consumer companies, delivering top-notch exhibit and experiential design, 2-D pre-production and large format printing, as well as marketing strategy and advertising.

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