Church Extension Fund of Michigan

The Church Extension Fund of Michigan supports the borrowing needs of Michigan District congregations by providing a source of affordable loans for buying, building, expanding, and equipping facilities. Through easy-to-understand publications and inspiring case studies, we effectively help them communicate their message to Lutheran churches and parishioners throughout Michigan.

The Church Extension Fund of Michigan Old Logo


The Church Extension Fund of Michigan - New Logo


Brand Update

With CEF’s 120-year history they know the importance of evolving and staying current to best serve their clients. RJC was happy to help design a new look and feel for their brand that would accurately represent who they are today, while still staying true to their long-standing values.

The rebranding included a logo refresh where RJC worked closely alongside stakeholders to capture a logo that would truly reflect the brand moving forward. A new visual identity was designed along with the logo to modernize the brand.

Since the rebrand, RJC has helped CEF introduce the new look across all their platforms and ensure consistency in all their marketing materials.

CEF trifold brochures

Annual Report

Every Spring and Fall CEF reaches out to its shareholders, investors, representatives and ministries to thank them for their support and keep them updated. RJC not only designs these publications, but also helps to develop a content strategy that will help keep their audience engaged and excited for the year ahead.

CEF Annual Report

Shining the Light

Instead of just explaining how CEF’s financial products work, we write real-world case studies demonstrating the power of partnering with CEF. Through Spotlight, congregations can see how CEF’s financing makes it possible to transform not just churches, but entire communities.

CEF Spotlight case studies

Spreading the Word

Complicated financial topics can be daunting to understand. In order for CEF to get its audience engaged, an educational approach was key. RJC designed educational graphics to be placed throughout print publications, social media posts, presentations and video to make these topics feel approachable and help improve financial literacy on complicated topics.

CEF instagram and facebook pages