Pace Industries

Pace Industries started out in 1971 as a small die-casting shop in Arkansas. While still operating there, Pace is now headquartered in Novi, Michigan, and has since grown to become one of world’s largest, most diverse suppliers of parts and assemblies for manufacturers worldwide. Our recent work to enhance and implement Pace’s brand identity has been specifically designed to convey this position of global leadership.

We recently worked to update the company’s brand strategy for an increasingly competitive market. Collaborating tightly with Pace, we helped map out their core mission, vision, values, messaging and more – and proposed a brand new tagline for the company: “Casting Innovation”.

Brand Tagline

Casting Innovation

Business Cards

Pace Business Cards

Key Messaging

Pace Innovation Brand Strategy


In the end, a company’s brand is only as good as its people. Recognizing this as a core company value, Pace enlisted us to develop their internally directed “PACE IS P.E.O.P.L.E.” campaign theme and logo. It’s used in Pace’s employee newsletter, banners, event materials and more. This unique and compelling visual recognizes the dedication of Pace’s employees, and captures their open, innovative and forward-looking spirit.

Pace is People Logo & Newsletter

Brand Culture Design

We specialize in helping companies live their brands. For Pace, we’re creating everyday workspaces that highlight the company’s vision and values in designs consistent with their enhanced brand standards. Call it brand culture. It’s more than just fresh paint and some new chairs. We’ve listened to Pace’s leaders and key staff, and we’ve worked to visually instill their highest aspirations throughout Pace’s facilities.

Arkansas Headquarters

Pace retains a key die casting facility in its Arkansas hometown, though over the years its décor had become dated. A fresh look was needed to help inspire workers there and strengthen their feelings of belonging. Walls have been repainted in Pace’s brand colors, and sample products are prominently displayed to help build pride in the company’s fine work for customers.

Pace Boardroom
Pace Lobby with Wood Wall
Pace Lobby with Casting Innovation sign
Pace Photo Wall
Pace lobby entryway

Michigan Headquarters

Pace’s leadership recently relocated the company’s new headquarters to Novi, Michigan. The building’s lobby area now reflects the company’s updated branding and tagline, and serves as a showcase for their top products on custom-built pedestals. Visitors enjoy a sophisticated branded look and feel in everything from the frosted glass and backlit logo signage, to the three-dimensional artwork.

Pace Novi Headquarters Glass Wall with Logo
Pace Novi Logo Illuminated Sign
Pace Novi Conference Room Wall Art